Working in a Wine Wonderland!

Okay, we’re through one holiday and onto the main event for wine sales. It’s a great time to be selling wine as your customers dust off their best wine glasses in preparation for the festivities. In honor of the holidays, I have in my blog today a holiday song for all the people who sell wine.  From the winery and tasting room to the retail stores – this is for you.


A Case for the Holidays

(sung to the tune of Walking In A Winter Wonderland)


Registers ring, are you listenin’

Down the bar, the wine is glistenin’

Visitor’s drinking great wines 

And everything’s fine

Watching cases flying out the door…


Take a look around your tasting room and retail store. Think in terms not only of putting together gift baskets of wine but baskets of non-wine items. Perhaps a wine enthusiast starter kit complete with a good corkscrew, glasses, a drip ring, aerator, a book on wine or pairing and, of course, a couple of bottles of wine.

I am noticing more emails lately from wineries, most of them offering large discounts and/or free shipping.  Instead of always offering discounts (we don’t want to train people to buy only when wine is on sale) what can you offer as a value add?  For example, anyone who purchases two cases of wine gets a free wine tasting with food pairing for four or six people. Naturally it is subject to some restrictions, for instance:

Not good on holidays or holiday weekends.

Date must be mutually agreeable.

The tasting must be reserved one or two weeks ahead.

Expiry date.


The great thing about this kind of add-on is it brings customers back to the winery and they bring their wine-drinking friends with them (Woo Hoo!). There are lots of things you can do that add value to the transaction and bring people back to the winery.

So let’s start singing… Registers ring, are you listenin’…


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