A Wild Ride

I was coming back from Washington State a week ago, flying in a smallish turbo prop plane from Spokane to Seattle.  As we went over the Cascade Mountains it became a little turbulent. Actually it became a lot turbulent with 100 mile per hour winds. The plane was going up, down and sideways and was being bombarded by chunks of ice.

I’m not a nervous flyer but I have to say that this was more turbulence than I am used to.

Needless to say everyone was strapped tightly into the seats and the flight attendant was giving instructions to those who were not dealing with the turbulence well. She told us not to look out the windows (which was rich as those planes do not have window shades) and to turn on the air vent above the seat.

In the midst of this, everyone was quiet when from the front of the plane you could hear a young boy (probably six or seven years old) yelling, “Yahoo, Yahoo…Dad this is great!” He finished by laughing and shouting a bit more.

I can’t speak for the other passengers, but I know that I relaxed considerably hearing the child’s pure enjoyment. It made me realize that most things are just a matter of perspective.

Think about changing your perspective about business. No matter how grim things look, lean back, relax and enjoy the ride, especially during the holidays, when many people feel stressed and don’t enjoy, as much as they could, the opportunity to spend time with family and friends.


Happy Thanksgiving! – Yahoo!


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