How many grapes to make a barrel of wine?

Most of us enjoy passing along bits of information that our family, friends and even strangers may not know. It’s fun to be able to say, “Did you know that…” and relay factoids to others, making them more knowledgeable and making us the experts. I have to say that this is something I enjoy. In fact it runs in my family. Most of my cousins are addicted to trivia games and being members of pub quiz team.

It also appeals to many visitors to your tasting room.

Shown below are some trivial wine facts I came across, years ago. I don’t know where it originally comes from, so if you know please let me know too, as I like to give credit to those who deserve it.

I suggest that you have this information available in the tasting room.  If it’s in the budget, have it put onto laminated cards with your logo and winery contact information on one side and the trivia on the other. This is the type of information people tend to keep. Even if it’s stuck away in a drawer, when they come across it, they’ll possibly take it out for a few days before it goes back in the drawer. They will, however, remember their visit to your winery.

Check the Internet under Wine Trivia for more facts to interest your visitors and give them something to remember you by.


One Acre of Land Averages:

Five (5) tons of grapes -10,000 pounds

13.51 barrels of wine at 7,552 oz/ea

797 gallons of wine at 128 oz/ea

3, 958 bottles of wine at 25.6 oz/ea

15,940 glasses of wine at 6.4 oz/ea


One Barrel of Wine Contains:

740 lbs of grapes and 59 gallons of wine

24.6 cases of wine

295 bottles of wine

1,180 glasses of wine


One Case of Wine Contains

30 lbs (approx) of grapes (480 oz)

307.2 ounces of wine

12 bottles of wine

48 glasses of wine


One Bottle of Wine Contains:

750 ml of liquid

2.4 lbs of grapes

25.6 oz of wine (a bottle of wine is 4/5s of a quart)

4 glasses of wine (6.4 oz)


Oogy Wawa! (Zulu) – To Your Health!

From the book “Toasts” by Jennifer Rahel Conover


3 comments on “How many grapes to make a barrel of wine?

  1. Nice article and I think that these facts would be fun to have in the tasting room for visitors. I also wish that a typical glass of wine in a restaurant or wine bar was 6.4 oz lol! Keep the great posts coming as well as all of the other great work that you do! Happy Holidays and have an Awesome New Year!!

  2. Julie St John says:

    Well there I was in the tasting room helping pour wine for one of our visitors and he asked the age old question about how many bottles of wine do you get from an acre of grapes. I really should tattoo this onto my arm but On that particular day, I did look up the information provided by the Sonoma County Grape Commission and it was great to have. It is one of the best pieces of information to share in the tasting room–thanks for posting this. And yes, I too wish that a restaurant pour was a bit more than their 4-5 oz!

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