Getting More Out Of Your Holiday Open House

Thanksgiving weekend is a great weekend for an open house, assuming of course that your part of the country is not in the midst of a mammoth snowstorm. Putting snow storms and similar cataclysmic weather conditions to one side, how do you make the most out of your open house? The answer is… advance planning.

•           Set goals:

Create specific goals and objectives. How much wine do you want to sell – dollar amounts and number of cases? Which wines are in plentiful supply? Make selling a certain number of cases of these wines a goal. Put these goals in writing and distribute them to your staff. They need to have a clear vision of what you hope to accomplish. Work with staff to help them achieve these goals.

Set goals too for the number of attendees (aka guests) and who these attendees will be.

Are you looking to attract new people or inviting current customers only? You can always encourage current customers to bring friends with them.

•           Have plenty of help

Figure out exactly how many people you need in each position, counting in stand-ins to fill in during breaks. Once you know the number of people you need, add three more.  Enough staff members make guests feel well taken care of. This will pay of in the short-term in increased sales and in the long-term through fostering connection and loyalty.

Create job descriptions for each job. Distribute these to staff so they know what is expected of them.  Create a position for a trouble-shooter – the go-to person in case of an emergency or minor mishap. Have someone on hand that knows CPR and basic first aid.

Most importantly, make it easy for guests to buy.

•           Have more than one cash register

•           Provide order forms that can be completed before the guests get to the cash register.

•           If there is a line at the cash register, have someone talking to guests in line.

•      Have a fulfillment area for purchases. Guests may take the order from (stamped paid).

A few basics:

•      Promote your open house in every way you can.

•      Join with other wineries and promote together.

•       Include food as an element of the event.

•       Make activities part of the festivities.

Make it a fun, profitable weekend that will reap rewards for years to come.

Salud! (To Your Health) – Spain

2 comments on “Getting More Out Of Your Holiday Open House

  1. Great idea! We are doing a BLACK FRIDAY Open House. Everyone will be in black and since we are in the downtown area, we are opening from 12 noon – 5 p.m. for specials. We have a massage therapist coming in with a massage chair for 15 minute massages for $10. We also will be raffling off prizes to guests who bring in Black Friday receipts for any of our downtown stores. One raffle ticket per receipt. If they donate to the non-profit we support, they get a ticket. Every purchase of wine gets a ticket.

    If they spend more than $50 on a downtown receipt they get a free tasting. This is all in coorperation with other downtown Redding stores/restaurants as they will be sending their customers our way.

    That evening we have our “Music on Market”. Our goal is to grab them early in the day & keep them through the evening. Already we have had a HUGE buzz of excitement for the day. Just thinking outside the “tasting room” box.

  2. ecornerlearning says:

    During holidays, I treat my consumers with probable discounts when purchasing my products but still maintain a responsible alcohol retailing service and perspective to consumers.

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