New Look

You know marketers, we’re always looking at what’s new and how we can change things to better promote our products.  In the spirit of trying something new, I have updated the look of my blog completely.  So far I like it. It’s cleaner and has a wider area for posts.

Wineries too like to change things regularly and that can be a good and a bad thing. Sometimes wineries change their labels (which represent their brand) to the point that the labels have no similarity to the one they used before.  Your label is a key identifier for your wine. Think about tweaking the look but always use some of the same elements so the brand is still recognizable.

Of course your logo and font should stay the same, unless you made a terrible mistake when you chose the font (Olde English or any other curly font that no one can read), then you might want to choose one that has the same overall look (serif or sans serif) without all the curly bits.

So make changes a bit at a time rather than making wholesale changes so that your customers still recognize your wine when it’s sitting on a wine shop shelf. Also remember that we tend to change things because we get bored with them rather than because our customers want us to.  Think long and hard before you change your label and get advice from a graphic artist.

One last thing, if you are looking for everyone to agree on a new design your wines will remain without labels for their entire existence.  Choose the one that  you and the people you trust like best (and that works graphically).

Let me know if you like the new look.

Noroc  (to your health) Romania


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