It’s Magic Time

There is something about harvest time – whether you are still picking fruit or already in the process of turning the grapes into wine – as we settle into autumn the air is a little crisper and there’s a different kind of energy in the wineries and vineyards. Can you feel the magic?  Take a minute to breathe it in.

At this time of year, visitors to your winery should feel that they are part of the magic. Bring them into harvest and crush.  Give them a peek behind the curtain any time you can.  If you are bringing in grapes let them see the grapes. If it’s feasible for visitors to watch you ferment, punch down or crush, let them.

It’s a great time to have fun with your visitors. If you have them tell them stories of past harvests. Talk about things that went wrong during the process and how it all came out right in the end, or didn’t. Ask them what they feel and if they can feel the magic.

Take advantage of the opportunity to connect even more deeply with visitors and regular customers. The heightened experiences make your visitors feel special and give them something to talk about to their friends and family.  They will tell the story of your winery and the wonderful experience they had there.

Even if this is your seventh crush, look at it through the eyes of someone who is experiencing for the first time and make their experience even more awe inspiring.

Have fun and laugh more!

Prost, zum Wohl!  – Germany

(To Your Health)


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