5 Successful Sales Methods

Whether you’re selling to a consumer, retailer or restaurateur, you want them to know the reasons that your wine’s a good buy and what it will do for them or their customers.

1.            Sell Emotions

Visitors buy because they feel not because they think, so connecting with visitors emotionally makes it easier for them to make the decision to buy.

2.            Sell Inclusion

Visitors do not always believe they know enough about wine to make good buying decisions. Let them know there are others who feel the same way about the wines as they do.

3.            Sell Rewards

Wine is considered a luxury item (regardless of price) and may be sold as a reward.  In this economy especially it is important to remind visitors that while they may not be able to afford some of the things they want, they can reward themselves with a bottle or two of wine.

4.            Sell Value

The perception of value in visitors’ minds is not necessarily related to the price of the wine. Value incorporates the things that allow visitors to believe in your product and how enjoying it will enrich their lives.

 5.            Sell Opportunity

What do visitors have the opportunity to purchase at the winery that they can’t purchase elsewhere?  It could be older vintages, signed bottles, or a wine club membership.

Remind your visitors and regular customers how much they love the wine, how much others love it, that it makes their life better (they deserve it), it has value and visiting the winery gives them the option to buy things not available anywhere in the world.

Sell well!

For more ideas on this topic email E@inshortmarketing.com


One comment on “5 Successful Sales Methods

  1. Elizabeth!
    Thank you so much for these tips. You may remember Moseley Family Cellars has only been open a month. This blog is EXACTLY what our team needs right now.

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