More Visitors Don’t Necessarily Mean More Sales

I can’t tell you how many times I hear wineries, when talking about an event weekend say, “We saw fewer people on Sunday but sold more wine.”

Large numbers of people are not always a guarantee of an increase in sales. So as harvest is just around the corner – or in some parts of the country already here, now is the time wineries will see an uptick in the amount of visitors, which should mean an uptick in ­sales – though that is not always the case.

Be ready for success by doing the things that will make it easy for visitors to buy.

  1. Have enough staff.  You will lose more money by not employing enough tasting room staff.­
  2. Designate a staff member as a greeter during busier times. This person greets people when they walk in the door, asks visitors if they are new to wine tasting or your winery and explains the drill.
  3. If visitors may have to wait to get to the tasting counter have someone on the floor to pour visitors a first taste or if you charge for tasting a complimentary taste while they wait.
  4. Order forms or tasting notes that double as order forms make it easier for people to remember what they liked, to mark what they want and the quantity. Pourers should encourage visitors to put a mark on the order form next to their favorites.
  5. Completed order forms may also be used at the register. It is easier for the cashier and can be used by the packer and in busy times you should have a designated packer.

Your visitors will wait to taste but don’t want to wait to buy. The more prepared you are the larger your sales will be. Evaluate your procedures and upgrade as needed. And, though some would think otherwise:

‘Tis the season to be jolly – falalalala – lalalala…


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