Email, Email, Email…

Between the 2nd and 5th of August I received 16 emails from wineries, with the majority (9) arriving on the 4th.  These emails contained newsletters, invitations to events, discounts on wines, a chance to win prizes, an invitation to a cruise and more.  I know that I get emails from a larger group of wineries than most consumers, but even so, there is a lot going on out there in the wine world.

How are your emails working for you?  What’s your open rate, what’s your click through rate, and most importantly what’s your response rate?  How are you catching people’s attention with your winery emails? These are all things you should know. You might be sending out a 1000 emails, but if only 26 people are opening them, your emails aren’t going to be a very effective way to sell wine.

Think about sending an email survey.  Keep it short, only two or three questions. Plan a series of survey emails to discover what your customers are looking for, how they buy wine, what type of events they like, whether they open your emails or how often they visit the winery. You might want to know how many emails your customers receive from wineries and how often.

Most of us (there are always exceptions) like being asked for our opinions and are willing to give you our feedback.

Short email surveys are a quick way to get information from your customers to better their experience and your bottom line.

Enjoy the rest of the summer and sell, sell, sell!


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