“I Don’t Want to Go to School…”

I love teaching, whether it’s the junior college, university classes, presenting to wineries, associations or at conferences. I love teaching because I always learn so much from my students.

There is, however, one time of year when I am not happy about teaching. That’s August, which is when my Santa Rosa Junior College class starts. Once I start the prep work I am thrilled but can’t get used to the idea that school starts in August.

So in August I turn into my former 10-year-old self and go about saying, in my most whiny voice, “But I don’t want to go to school…” That goes on for about a week, then I start looking forward to meeting a full class of new students and letting them teach me as well as teaching them.  I really am very lucky.

Here is my teaching and conference schedule for the next eight months:

Schedule (so far)


SRJC        August 25 – October 13 – Consumer Direct Wines Sales & Marketing

SSU          October 21 – Building A Profitable Wine Club

November 4 – Easy Way To Successful Direct Marketing


February 9 -12 – Midwest Wine & Grape Conference, St. Charles, MO

March 27-29 – Wineries Unlimited, Richmond, VA

If you are registered for any of those classes or seminars – I look forward to seeing you there! I’ll be ready to be in class by then.


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