Making the Most of Club Pick-Up Parties

A wine club pick-up party is a great way to get your best customers to the winery. So here are a few tips to make your pick up party even more successful and profitable:

1.  Treat your members well.

  • Give them reasons to buy wine – as many of these people are your best customers and this is one time where you can offer a special price as a thank you.
  • Present information on older wines. Taste through the wines prior to the party and provide tasting notes and age-ability information. Let them know which of your wines are ready to drink and which can be kept in the cellar.
  • A little background music adds to the ambiance.

2.  Many of these people are your best customers so don’t skimp.

  • Offer them food as well as wine.  The food doesn’t have to be fancy, though it needs to pair well with the wine.
  • Let them taste a couple of special wines that are not usually available and offer them for sale.
  • If you use logo glasses that members may keep, don’t charge for them, give them away.

3.  Have enough staff on hand.

  • You don’t want to have long lines of customers waiting in long lines to pick up their wine or to snag some of the wine or food being served.

4.  Organization is the key to success:

  • Make it easy for people to pick up their wine.
  • Members who pick up wine should sign for it to avoid future confusion.
  • Have an order form listing other wines available for tasting or purchase.
  • This is a great time to offer library wines. You may pour them or not depending on inventory.

Your pick up celebration should be a day to remember.

So smile, laugh and have fun – it’s a party!


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