Get Your Creativity Flowing

I often hear people say that they aren’t very creative. I believe that they are underestimating their ability to be creative.  Most of us are much more creative than we think we are; we just don’t allow the time to get our creativity flowing.  Here are a few tips to help you bring all those great ideas to the surface.

Ask yourself, how things can be done differently: or why you do things they way you do. It is so easy to get into ruts, doing things the same way every time.  Break out of that rut, start with easy things such as altering some of your routines.  If you do the same things in the same order when you get up in the morning, then change the order.

What can be done differently in the tasting room or with visitors?  Getting out of the ruts moves your brain in different directions and helps you see things from a different angle.

Don’t stop at the first idea:  congratulations, you have your first creative idea, but don’t stop there.  Keep thinking and you may find a dozen variations of that one idea and another half dozen different ideas besides.

Challenge assumptions: are you doing things a certain way because you are following phantom rules that no longer or never applied? Thoughts, ideas, etc. are usually sifted through filters that have been set up in our brains long ago and may no longer be relevant, so push those filters on one side.

Creativity rarely happens if you are stressed, overworked or your mind is filled with other things.  So take time out from your day, relax, find a comfy chair, relax and let your brain wander.  A little practice and you will be overflowing with ideas.

For more tips on becoming creative, drop me an email and I’ll send you my list.

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