3 Tips to Increase Tasting Room Sales This Summer

As the number of tasting rooms rapidly expands, consumers have a lot of choices and as good wine is readily abundant those choices become more difficult.  Here are three things you can do to make your visitors want to buy your wine.

1.  Take advantage of every touch point; those opportunities to connect with visitors and customers. Use touch points they can connect with before they get to the winery, while they are visiting and after they have left the winery.

Gather hospitality staff together and talk about what those touch points are and how they can be utilized. Make a list of the different touch points and ideas on how to use them.  So as not to overwhelm either visitors or staff, focus on different touch points each week or fortnight, until everyone easily and comfortably uses them to connect with visitors.

2.            Create contrast between your winery and products and those of other wineries around you or other wines generally. If visitors are unable to differentiate your products from those of other wineries, they won’t be able to make buying decisions while they are there and they won’t remember you after they leave. Think about what makes you unique or different – it doesn’t have to be the wine; it could be the dog, the gardens, architecture, people or any number of things. The important thing is that it’s something that will make people want to buy, and remember your winery after a day of wine tasting.

3. Watch & listen for buying signs:  What is your first buying sign?  The people walked through the door!

An objection is also a buying sign. If they don’t want to buy, visitors don’t object they l just leave. When you answer objections validate them first. Let the visitor understand that s/he has a valid point, then answer.

Any question about the wine, shipping, etc. is a sign of interest, so listen to their questions and answer them.

Look for non-verbal buying signs from visitors, such as remaining at the bar after the tasting or looking at the order form. Make sure that you are aware when they take out their credit card. I have been standing at the register in more than one tasting room with my credit card held up, only to have the person behind the bar ask me if I want something.

Enjoy your summer, enjoy your visitors and motivate them to buy!


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