How Much Do You Care?

 People don’t care how much you know

until they know how much you care.”

John C. Maxwell

Aren’t you more likely to take an interest in someone’s business or products if they show an interest in you? It’s the same with visitors to your winery. When you show a genuine interest in visitors personally, you are more apt to form a bond that turns a casual visitor into a long-term customer and friend.

Of course the basics create good feelings:

Make contact with visitors as they come in the door (verbal or non-verbal).

Smile when you greet them.

Tell them how pleased you are to see them.

Then take it up a notch:

Consider why visitors have come to the winery and what kind of experience they are looking for?


One way to find out is to ask them and listen carefully to the answers. Follow up questions help you ascertain why the visitors came to your winery. It could be a combination of reasons. This information allows you to create an authentic and individual experience for visitors.

The more you know about them, the more chance they will return again and again.

Start by making friends and you‘ll create customers.


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