Welcome to WalMart!

Well it’s official: many years from now when I retire I’m going to become a WalMart greeter.  I had always thought that when I was no longer traveling around the country working with wineries and associations, helping them sell wine and wine club memberships, I would work in a tasting room.

I can already picture myself behind the bar, smiling, and cheerfully asking visitors questions. I can hear myself telling them how happy I am to see them and entrancing them with the benefits and fun of the wine club.  I would encourage them to purchase wine and give them a discount (3%) because they bought two pallets, one Chardonnay and one Cabernet.

Alas, my dreams of spending my “golden years” working in a tasting room have been dashed to the ground. Every ad for tasting room help includes the seven words that send a cold shiver through my heart and destroy my dreams. Seven innocuous words:

“Must be able to lift 40 lbs.”

I can’t imagine wanting to lift 40 lbs, so I am immediately out of the running.

I can understand the need to have the TR person lift 40 lbs (a case of wine),  if you only have one person in your tasting room. However, I see the same requirement from large wineries that always have a number of employees working in the tasting room.

So, before you turn down someone who would be a first rate employee, ask yourself if everyone who works in the tasting room has to lift 40 lbs. Surely there is another way!

In my case there may be other reasons that you may not hire me. At my height (or lack of same) you can’t be sure that people are going to be able to see me over the counter.

So, years from now look for me in my orange vest handing you a cart and looking up at you saying: “Welcome to WalMart!”

Have a great season, treat your visitors well, and sell, sell, sell!





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