Are You Sticky?

Have you considered the stickiness quotient of the Experience you present to visitors? How sticky are your winery, website, wines, wine club offerings, etc.? In some wineries the only sticky thing is the bar – not good.

Stickiness consists of the elements that visitors and customers remember, the things that make them want to come back to your website or the winery.

Let me remind you though that being a “family owned winery (small or large) that only uses the finest grapes to make handcrafted, award winning wines” is not going to make people come back to your winery, because in no way does that differentiate you from most of the other wineries in the world. It can be part of your story, but it’s not the whole story.

The elements that make you sticky are those that show your difference. Start with unique (who you are and were) and move into different, i.e. what made you get into the wine business (temporary insanity??) and how you do things.

Look for the things that set you apart from other wineries and let your personality come through to attract people. Include information on how they will benefit from a visit or a purchase. They all want to know what’s in there for them.

Ask your long time customers and first time visitors what attracted them to the winery and include more of what they tell you at all touch points.

The season is upon us, have fun and sell, sell, sell.



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