Are You Missing Opportunities to Create Loyal Customers?

The other day at a winery a couple came in to taste. When asked where they were from they mentioned a distant state. They also mentioned that they were on their honeymoon. The server congratulated them and moved on to talk about the wine. He missed a huge opportunity to make this couple feel really special. After the congratulations what other things  can you do to make sure they remember their visit?

•   Offer to take their photograph to celebrate the visit

•   Take a photograph of them yourself and ask if you may put it on the winery’s Facebook page

•   Tell other tasters that these visitors are celebrating something special

•   Get their contact information, their names for the blurb on the Facebook page, their email to send them a Happy Anniversary e-card and any other information they are willing to give (address and phone). Also ask for the actual date of the special event (birthday, wedding, anniversary, etc.) When you send the e-card, or regular card if you prefer,  include a special offer for wine they may purchase during their anniversary or birthday month.

If visitors come to your winery on a special occasion, regardless of the occasion, make a fuss over them.  Your visitors will leave feeling very special and will talk about their experience for a long time to family, friends and strangers.


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