Your Visitor’s Experience – It may not be what you think!

Recently a couple was telling me about their experience at a winery.

The experience could definitely have been better. Though their host was not rude and seemed to be a nice person, she didn’t pay attention during the interaction.

Three times the host left them to take care of another task, which would not have been a problem if she had excused herself but instead she walked away without a word.

When she came back she asked them the same question each time. So four times in less than 30 minutes they were asked where they were from. Do you imagine that the visitors felt special?

The host had very clearly shown them that they were not important to her. Even though that may not have been her intention, as far as her visitors were concerned she might as well have stood on the bar and shouted it to the assembled tasters.


  1. Start each day with a reminder to stay focused on visitors
  2. If you have to leave visitors, remember where are you are in the interaction so you don’t ask them the same question over and over again.
  3. Excuse yourself when you have to leave a visitor for any reason.

The reason many people do not return to shops or tasting rooms is not because they feel that the staff was rude but that the staff was indifferent to them.

Your job is to make everyone feel special.


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