Welcome to the In Short E-Blog!

It’s blog time. If you’re looking for down to earth, easy to follow sales and marketing information that works for retail businesses, especially wineries, keep your eye on this page.

Twenty years in the wine industry spent working throughout North America, with wineries of all sizes and associations in many different states and provinces have made me aware of the difficulties faced by people in the wine industry and many other types of retail businesses.

Using a short blog format, I will present concepts, ideas, links and information to help wineries and other retail businesses increase the connection between their business and customers, and through this connection to increase sales.

The blog will touch on the psychology of sales and connectivity as well as the steps needed to actually make the sale. While the blog will speak to direct sales from winery tasting rooms and visitor centers, the customer service and sales strategies are applicable to all types of businesses that deal with consumers.

I believe that if you aren’t laughing you aren’t learning, so plan on having some fun, and getting a chuckle or two along with key facts to help your business become more successful.

See you on the blog!

E Slater


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